Selling and buying a home is not just a business transaction

I won’t lie… there is much emotion that goes into many real estate transactions. Especially when it is seller’s home of 30 plus years or when the buyers are ready to move into what will be their home to raise their own family for next 30-40 or more years.

Letting go of the first home you bought on your own. Buying your first home on your own as a starter home or after life changes. So many more scenarios to mention.

Each side has an emotion of some level. Shoot…. I get emotional about it too but it is my role as the Realtor to keep it in check, keep it real, acknowledge all sides, and most importantly make it a win-win for all parties as best I can.

Sometimes, being the Realtor (or real estate agent) to help a close family member buy or sell a home may not be such a good idea. And certainly not the best for the homeowner to sell their own home as a for sale by owner. Note- this is not valid in all circumstances but true in majority of situations.

Not sure what to do?? Call me and let’s talk… no pressure, I am here to help! I have over 9 years of residential real estate experience with hundreds of closed transactions as the Realtor and the Broker overseeing other agents. You owe it to yourself to at least explore your options!!

Linda Schulte – Schulte Realty

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