Should You Renovate Your Home Before Putting It On The Market?

Many people want to sell their house without having to do any extra work. What if we told you by updating your home you could increase the chances you sell it for top dollar? There is a difference between updating and fully renovating your home. Renovating a home can be more expensive and time consuming than just making some updates. Renovating usually involves completely re-doing a kitchen or bathroom, knowing down walls, etc. When updating a home it entails making cosmetic changes like painting, landscaping, and fixing minor issues in the house.


When potential buyers come into a home, the house that looks more ready-to-go will usually outperform those that do not. Move-in ready homes are attractive to potential buyers because they know they will not have to put as much work in, when moving into their new home. You want potential buyers to come into the house and have an immediate sense that they can picture themselves living there. You can consult with your real estate agent on what updates and changes can be made in order to increase the home’s potential sale price. 


When updating your home, one concept to keep in mind is to keep things neutral. You want your home to appeal to more people and by keeping it neutral it allows people to envision what they can do with it or what they can leave as is. If your home has a lot of bright paints or eclectic wallpaper it may turn off some potential buyers. 

The kitchen and bathroom are two areas usually advised to focus on when trying to add more value to your house. These two areas can really catch the eyes of buyers and increase the potential sale price of your home. 


Other areas to keep in mind are infrastructure, small cosmetic things, and making sure the house is cleaned. Infrastructure could be mechanical issues, outlets, wood rot, roof, etc. Small cosmetic things usually include floors, lighting, decor, landscaping, and making sure the house is neat and presentable.


Updating a home can really make your house standout when trying to sell. It usually results in a higher sale price and leaves a great impression with buyers who come to see the house. When you plan on selling your house it is recommended to consult with a real estate professional so you can maximize your sales price and make sure your real estate process is as smooth as possible. For any of your real estate needs please contact Schulte Realty, we cover Florida like the sunshine! 


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